Riversweeps in San Remo Casino

The San Remo Casino is one of Italy’s most historic casinos, which is also the attraction of this riversweeps area in Italy. Due to the crisis that hit the gambling industry and the competition from online casinos, the casino had to offer some services online. 
The casino is now in doubt about a split. One way is to place a webcam at every table so that you can gamble at home, which is an innovation for Italy. In the United States they had this for a while.

The other way, as released by Donato Di Ponziano, President of the Council of Administration or the casino, is to offer a series of video lotteries that are only online. These video lotteries feature the Tremonti Financial, which also riversweeps relies on this sector. Since they cannot go back, the alternative should be to take out a loan and also offer this service. 
The advantage of the casino is that they have staff who can intervene immediately. On the other hand, Italians are spending more and more on gambling and they are attracted to the casino so new ideas are needed.

Saint Vincent Casino

August 18, 2011

We already knew that virtual casinos could make real casinos blush, which is why many casinos also go online. Why do people find virtual more fun than real? You can play riversweeps directly from home, 24 hours a day, with all the calmness you want and you can easily use different strategies to win. A point that traditional casinos have is the charm of a casino that virtual ones can never achieve. 
You also have historic casinos that are starting to feel the crisis such as the legendary Casino of Las Vegas and the Italian Saint Vincent in Aosta Valley. The latter casino had a loss of 16 million euros in 2008, and the following year it went better but still in the red numbers.

Augusto Rollandin is the president of the Autonomous Region of Valle d’Aosta and is 99% shareholder of this casino said 2008 was a year in which gambling experienced an unprecedented downturn and certainly during that crisis year. 
The number of Saint Vincent players went down 9% from 2007 to 53,329 in 2008. The income fell around 12%. The French games had a loss of 17%, against which the riversweeps American games lost only 4%. 
2009 saw a slight return, but we only know if everything is ok again after a long time.

What are casino bonuses

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One of the things you need to know when you play at an online casino is that most of them offer a bonus to play. The bonuses that you get at virtual casinos are many. It is therefore important to know how all bonuses work and how riversweeps you can collect them. Let’s look at three types of bonuses. 
You have the no deposit bonus, percentage bonus and the set bonus.

Some casinos give their players the option to get a bonus without depositing money into their account. This seems like a good way to start your casino career but it always has bonds. In some cases, the casino first asks for your credit card information before you get this bonus. This is a security measure so that not one person creates multiple accounts and claims the bonus. Of course you cannot just give your credit card information to every casino so you only have to choose reliable casinos.

The percentage bonus is calculated on your first deposit. A 300% bonus on a first deposit of € 100 means that you get a bonus of € 200 so that your final amount riversweeps becomes € 300. Usually you have to play a number of games before you unlock this bonus. This is so that players don’t abuse. 
The set bonus is a bonus that is always present in your account and with that you can gamble and bet. 
Always read the terms and riversweeps conditions for these bonuses.

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